Podcast: Humanizing B2B for Stand Out Marketing!

Find out how you can Humanize your marketing to stand out from competitors in the eyes of your customers.

In this podcast James Trezona, Co-Author of "Humanizing B2B:  The new truth in marketing that will transform your brand and sales" talks with Stacey Danheiser and Simon Kelly, Co-authors of "Standout Marketing: How to differentiate your organization in a Sea of Sameness".

The discussion reveals strategies for developing standout marketing  by:
- Keying into human emotions through compelling storytelling 
- Developing competencies that will help your organization swim away from a Sea of Sameness

Listen to this inspiring podcast to elevate your B2b marketing away from speeds, feeds.  Stop talking about yourself and your products, learn how to tap into emotions and truly stand out.

Humanize b2b for stand out marketing podcast cover

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